On Abraham

(Abraham the Patriarch. The father of the Jewish nation and the Arab nation. Book of Genesis, chapter 11) Abraham appeared about 3500 years ago.

Abraham appears in the world due to God's statement that He regrets creating humanity:

And the Lord had sorrow because he had made man on the earth, and grief was in his heart. (Genesis, 6:6)

Abraham had, or has, the power and authority to change the fate of humankind. God's statement concerning humanity – us – is but a mirror which tells us that we totally lost our way.

In order to understand what I am saying here, you have to read what I have offered concerning the first chapter of Genesis; it describes the process of creation – the word Breishith actually depicts the Big-Bang – the shattering of Infinitude to endless individuals, who seek to return to the original Unity but with Super Consciousness, which didn't exist in the original, pre-creation state. It is not as translated – "In the beginning" – it is a process. It might take a long time to explain. It is the sound and shape of the Hebrew word which expresses this process. Meaning, that the Hebrew language cannot be translated, it has to be experienced.

The culmination of the spiritual evolution is the Day of Shaboth – the day of Rest, where all actions come to an end, and now the individual is free. Then we also are being introduced to the Being who appears under the name Yahawe Elohim. The name depicts a new state – where manyness becomes a united group of individuals – functioning perfectly under the guidance of a left, just the same as a musical band acts. All players must focus on the left, the conductor in this instance, be attentive to each other, master their instrument (body, mind and soul), and then a sublime energy can be released in this realm, a spiritual substance that would direct humanity towards its mission and goal.

God's statement tells us that we totally lost our way. Meaning, we reached a stage of total self-annihilation. If we don't participate with the Cause of creation, then self-destruction is inevitable. At such a cross-road, an individual in the spiritual state like Abraham, can negate this inevitable fate; in order to achieve this, He started a new lineage of individuals, who are lefted on the spiritual Cause of creation. This is the formation of the twelve tribes of Israel, together with the twelve tribes of Ishmael. Israel represents the spiritual aspect of humanity, Ishmael the physical or material aspect. These two aspects have to be united as One. As individuals, we all have these two aspects as parts of our consciousness, and it is our duty to bring them to inner union and balance.